Our Electronic Claims Processing Services take away the aggravation and stress of filing claims. Allowing you time to concentrate on building your practice.

We handle patient’s accounts, record transactions, print monthly statements, fill out and submit your insurance forms electronically and provide you with detailed reports on your practice. All insurance claims are processed through a recognized clearinghouse. With our clearinghouse options, edit and audit features we can eliminate overlooked, late and inaccurate insurance billings. Using our claims processing center, you’ll receive your reimbursements in twenty-one days on average, dramatically improving your cash flow. It’s not necessary for your practice to have a computer. We can pick-up / or you can fax your superbills or ledger sheets and we’ll enter the data into our system. By using our electronic claims processing services, your insurance claims are in the payees computer within a reasonable time frame.

Eliminate Excessive Paperwork

We will submit all claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial carriers. We simply enter your patient’s data into our system and transmit the information to the clearinghouse for edit and direct processing to the insurance companies.

Extremely Efficient

By simply posting a transaction, we store and prepare the information necessary to complete and print an insurance form, statistical reports and monthly statements. saving your staff hours of precious time.


By shortening your reimbursement cycle, reducing administrative an clerical costs and eliminating postage you can justify our services in no time. Considering our affordable fees and our dedication to service, we can truly help your practice. We are confident that you will benefit from our services. Let us give you and your staff more time to attend to the more important aspects of your practice. We will do your electronic insurance claims processing or patient billing... or both.

We offer an efficient and cost effective solution to your cash flow problems.

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